You know, I can't really figure out if freelance websites are useless or if it is just me. I belong to a couple of these sites where people/businesses list jobs and I can bid on the job if I feel so inclined. Honestly, it's very rare that I feel so inclined. Luckily, most of my freelance work comes from one publishing company that I've been EXTREMELY BLESSED to work with on a regular basis for about 5 years (don't get me wrong, I still need fill-ins for down times, thus membership to the freelance sites). Other stuff comes from referrels. After that? I can't remember one job that I've bid on and "won" through one of these freelance writing sites. Lately, I haven't even been viewing the listings regularly because I find myself becoming very annoyed. Many of the postings are ridiculous - like the business who wanted a freelancer to write an E-book but only had a budget of $175. Pa-lease. I find most of the listings insulting to my talent and experience. And then I think, are there really writers who take these jobs for this little money?!? Amazing to me.

Anyway, a while back I posted on a guy who had asked for a freelancer to write a eulogy for him. Today, this was the posting winner:

Project: Memo-report on online learning. I am an Uni Student. This is one of my school assignments. I am very bad in English. So I have no idea how to write. I want this report to be done before 2nd Oct 2007. My Uni is very strict on plagiarism. So please try to use your own words & put references. Honestly I can't effort too much on just a small assignment. So please charge me with very resonable price

Would this guy:

a. Be better at English if he, say, DID HIS OWN ASSIGNMENTS/WORK?!?!
b. Understand the effects of plagiarism better if a sassy freelance writer took this job and then plagiarized the entire thing?
c. Be willing to pay what a true writer's time and expertise is REALLY worth if he admitted that he was asking the writer to compromise his/her ethics by CHEATING for him?!?
d. All of the above.

SCORING: 10 points for A; 20 points for B; 30 points for C; 10,000,000 points for D and a free wiffle ball bat to beat the guy about the head and neck.

Seriously, if I had the time, I would do some of these projects just to teach these people a lesson. Instead, I have to fill my time writing about useless things on my blog, thank you very much.


Michelle said... @ 6:16 PM

Agreed. Most of those are just a big waste of time. I wonder how people build up the nerve to post such things. Could they really be serious???

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