The next time I feel like I'm a really bad parent, I'm going to pull out this article:

Couple save dogs, marijuana, leave behind 4-year-old

The two people "...were concerned about getting two dogs out, and told an officer that no other people or animals were inside."
(Hey, don't get me wrong, I love my dogs as much as anyone else, but WTF?!?)

Fire Chief Bill Brucker was quoted as saying,
"It blows my mind. I'm a father of three children. When they brought that boy out, it hits you totally," Brucker said Tuesday. "How do you put somebody to bed and not remember that they're inside? I just find it hard to believe."

Ok, there are some key parts of the story:
mobile home park
Beaver (County) (just because it's funny...)

Come on, Chief Brucker, is it REALLY that hard to believe?!?!


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 2:31 PM

Well, a kid's not a people or an animal - just a kid. Lose one, there's always more where that came from, especially in a trailer park in Weealljiggy Kinfolk USA

Sunny said... @ 6:53 PM

It's actually only like 30 minutes from Pittsburgh...where I live...but that doesn't matter. They are sick, and I'm glad the kid is ok.

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