I never really paid attention to the recall of children's items before, because, well, I didn't have to. But now I freak out everytime I see something on T.V. about a baby item recall. Case in point: my husband was awakened out of a deep sleep last night as I punched him repeatedly on the arm shrieking, "I think that's the travel play pen we have!" (I have no idea if it really is, but pregnancy hormones, what can I say?)

Anway, it was this story:

Kolcraft Recalls Play Yards After the Death of a 10-Month-Old Child

I must admit, I've read the story several times trying to understand/figure out how EXACTLY this happened. According to the story, this was the play yard in question:

Now, here's my confusion: How big is a baby at 10 months? 20 pounds? 30 pounds? Less? More? I have no idea, but why the heck were the parents stuffing this child under the removable changing table on top? According to the story, the baby sadly strangled himself on the loop of the strap that hangs down from this changing table. HELLLOOOO?!?!


Sunny said... @ 6:50 PM

At 10 months, a normal weight would be like 15 to 25 pounds. Mine was 18 pounds at 9 months, and 20 pounds at 12 months, and has always been in the 50th percentile. So yeah, that was really negligent on the parents part. That's the thing though, they gotta make baby stuff so that even the dumbest of parents can't screw it up. Sad.

Michelle said... @ 9:09 AM

Many many recalls read like that. CYA moves. My kid started walking at ten months, so yeah, why was the changing thing still on there? And how long does it take a kid to choke to death? I guess it shocks me mostly because my daughter NEVER stopped making noise, so even if I left her alone in the room I could always hear her. The second there wasn't a noise I ran in to check. Noisy little booger, she was. But yeah, recalls are scary.

Aimeepalooza said... @ 3:48 AM

It seems like a lot of recalls happen because the parents are idiots. The ones that actually scare me are the toys from China. They're toxic and even thinking Moms cannot do anything to prevent accidental harm to their children. Sigh. Scary!

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