You can drink your own pee.

This may seem like an off-the-wall posting, but (for some unknown reason) this is a topic that comes up quite often in our house. When I used to teach college anatomy and medical terminology, this was a favorite "fun fact" of mine to share with college students. This disclosure was always followed by 10 minutes of hysterical discussion about how and when to drink your own pee (and I often got the question, "Can you drink someone else's pee?" Those wacky college kids). I mean, urine is something like 95% water, so why not?

People have survived in the wilderness by drinking their own pee. There is something actually called urine therapy. When writing this post, I decided to look up urine therapy and see what I got:

"Most devotees drink the midstream of their morning urine. Some prefer it straight and steaming hot; others mix it with juice or serve it over fruit. Some prefer a couple of urine drops mixed with a tablespoon of water applied sublingually several times a day. Some wash themselves in their own golden fluid to improve their skin quality. Many modern Japanese women are said to engage in urine bathing [Hellloooo, golden shower anyone!?]. The truly daring use their own urine as an enema. Urine is not quite the breakfast of champions, but it is the elixir of choice of a number of holy men in India where drinking urine has been practiced for thousands of years."

OK, so the "some prefer it straight and steaming hot" got to even me. *gulp*

Anyway, the most recent discussion on drinking your own pee was prompted when I told my husband that the baby, in utero, will drink it's own pee (or, more accurately, the urine will cycle through the baby's mouth). At which point my husband replied, staring skeptically at me sideways, "You're lying again. You make all of this up in an attempt to, one day, see one of us drink our own urine."

HM. Maybe, maybe not.


Anonymous said... @ 10:39 PM

You should read "The Yellow Stream" by I.P. Freely.

JMH said... @ 1:25 AM

I wonder why they drink the midstream. Is the fore-stream too intense? Does the end-stream lack spiciness? It would be a good magazine article.

Anonymous said... @ 1:02 PM

It's like drinking from a faucet. Don't you let the water run before filling your glass? With urine, you want to imbibe from midstream because the fore-stream "washes" away any bacteria that may be on the genitalia. Is this TMI, JMH?

Jacqueline (Jackie) Wilson said... @ 11:20 AM

Do you think it should be shaken and not stirred?!?

Just wondering.

Not that I'm going to try it or anything.

I was just wondering.


Anonymous said... @ 6:27 AM

It's 100 percent natural and zero calories. What more could you ask for? It beats the hell out of bottled H2O, which is usually glorified tap water, according to Matt Lauer and my "friends" on "The Today Show."

Jacqueline (Jackie) Wilson said... @ 8:36 AM

It's only fair that you know that Matt Lauer wants to marry me...(which has NOTHING AT ALL to do with urine...well, I don't think...)

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