This past week marked my fourth month of pregnancy. Those supposed, glorious "you'll feel WONDERFUL, dance on the CLOUDS, be back to your OLD SELF" months.


I must say, I'm not sad to see the first 3 months gone. I felt sick, all day, everyday, 7 days a week for those 3 months (the cruelest practical joke ever - naming it "morning sickness"). I threw up some, but not everyday. I just felt like it everyday (all day, non-stop, 7 days a week). And, believe me, I would've much rather thrown up than lived with the feeling that I was going to throw up (non-stop, all day, everyday...you get the point).

I was waiting for that magic button of 4 months - a barrage of promises like "Oooo, you'll get all of your energy back at 4 months, just like magic!" or "You'll feel MUCH better once you get out of your first trimester" or "Wait 'til the second trimester, you'll feel like your old self again!"


OK, the regaining energy was PARTIALLY true, but the rest? COMPLETE LIES.

I'm in the magical second trimester - the one that is supposed to have all the rainbows and dancing unicorns and cotton candy? Guess what? It ain't gettin' much better. The all day, every day feeling of nausea HAS subsided, but in it's place is the actual puking now (yep, that thing I wished for in the first trimester). Except, it's happening when I'm asleep. I feel sick when I'm falling asleep, I finally get to sleep, and then I throw up...a little...in my mouth. Which then leads to a nice 20 minutes to 1 hour of filling toilet bowl after toilet bowl of throat burning, gut wrenching stomach acid. (MMMMM) I mean, how much will be actual food when your dinner consisted of some saltines with a little bit of plain cream cheese spread on them?

My husband was super supportive this weekend when he held up the baby magazine he was reading from the doctor and said, "you know, it says here that you moms should feel really good at this point in the pregnancy" as he gave me that judgemental is this all just a ploy to get attention look. I would like to tell you my response, but the laser beams from my eyes disintegrated him before the conversation could move further. So sorry.

So, what do I do? No, NOT call my doctor. I talk to other moms because, hey, that's what all that handy pre-baby literature tells you to do - seek out other moms for "support" - emphasis on SUPPORT.

So I tell my friend (name withheld to protect the innocent) what was happening with the throwing-up-a-little-in-my-mouth-thing-at-night-leading-to-bile-puking. Her response? [insert weird face] "Oh, I've never heard of such a thing."


So, I go for door #2. A regular customer at the store who has become a friend and is a former nurse. I go through the throwing-up-a-little-in-my-mouth-thing-at-night-leading-to-bile-puking story. Her response? [insert revulsion] "EW. I've never in all my medical years heard of THAT."


So much for "mommy" support.
(Perhaps I'll just talk to my doctor about it).


Michelle said... @ 12:19 PM

I have no idea how I happened upon your blog, but dude, I HAD THAT! You perfectly described pregnancy as I experienced it. Constant nausea. No vomit. But wait, vomit when you least expect it, while sleeping. Good times, good times.

I went the doctor route and ended up taking lots and lots and lots of Tums. He called it acid reflux or some crap. I called it cruel and unfair. Good luck to ya' and the little one.

URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 2:17 PM

I had a friend who was puking sick the entire 9 months. I was never sick at all. My theory is that dairy products are responsible for pregnancy naseau and vomiting. The medical community hypes lots of milk for pregnant moms, but I think the dairy somehow morphs with pregnant hormones to create vomit. I never touched dairy from day one and felt great. (ya- no bubble gum ice cream). I told my sister-in-law to quit dairy when she was a month into miserable puking and it worked for her, too, so I reckon that's enough research to convince me. It's worth a try and I'd love to know if you try it, if it works. Eat lots of other good healthy stuff.

Michelle said... @ 4:37 PM

Yep, I was thinking reflux, since it happens at night when you're lying down. At least, that's the first guess doctors give when baby's puke in their sleep.

Yes, lies. But, it does get better, just not overnight like they say. Yuck, those first three months give me nightmares. I can't ever hold anything down, and I have to be put on medication to stop it because I lose way too much weight in the beginning. Here's to good times ahead! eventually . .. :)

And when you really feel better and start craving that margarita again, don't listen to those cruel people that say you can have a virgin one. It's JUST freaking sweet and sour mix! Do I look like I want sweet and sour mix with a splash of lime? Uh, no.

MidlifeMutant said... @ 9:01 AM

I had one pregnancy that was daisies and cotton candy. I had one pregnancy that was just as you described.

One thing that we did during the not-so-fun pregnancy was to raise the had of the bed a few inches so that you are not lying down completely flat. It helped a little with the reflux. IT was perfect but it was a little better.

Best wishes!!

Sunny said... @ 8:01 PM

I wish I had checked your blog yesterday!! I HAD THAT!!! (I love exclaimation points!) Anyway, yes, I had that. It was possibly the worst part of my entire pregnancy, if that makes you feel any better...there is really nothing worse likely to happen to you. I would wake up in the middle of the night with an awful taste in my throat and nose, and then because of the taste and my inability to get rid of it, I'd spend a good amount of time throwing up for real. It was acid reflux...either the baby is pressing on your stomach (at 4 months, it might be a little early for that,) or you have so much of the hormone relaxin that it is causing the muscle that holds the top of your stomach closed to be too relaxed and allow acid to come up (most likely for you at this point.) Relaxin causes the joints in your pelvis to loosen, as well as the loosening of ligaments and smooth muscle (the stomach sphincter- haha- is smooth muscle.)

I'm not just a wealth of strange medical knowledge, I know how to help this problem too! (maybe.) What stopped this from happening to me, for the most part, was never to eat a large meal, just a lot (A LOT) of small ones. Then, as hard as it was, I didn't eat anything for at least 2 hours before bed. Also, I took A LOT of tums, which are totally safe according to my doctor, and I have a fully functioning child to prove that at least in my case, you can eat a full bottle of tums every 2 days and everything will be just fine. Also, I took Zantac for a few days, which did help, but gave me diarrhea (you did want to know that, right?) and I stopped taking it, in favor of my peppermint flavored tums. Now, tums will make you wake up with a crappy taste in your mouth, but it's nothing compared to the contents of your stomach. I reccomend the "smoothies" variety, much tastier than regular. Keep a bottle at your bedside, and take one before bed as a precautionary measure. Also, tums are a good source of calcium, so if you do want to try cutting out dairy, at least your covered there. Hope you feel better, and even if my advice doesn't help, just don't worry. You're not the only one who puked in her sleep, and my kid is fine.

Anonymous said... @ 5:41 AM

Omg!!! im 14 weeks now with my second pregnancy and my first was a dream.
This time round I am experiencing EXACTLY what you are saying, even right now as I am typing!!!
Its driving me nuts!!!! I dont usually eat tea now either, but not that that makes any bloody difference, I might as well as I puke all night from around 8pm onwards.
And the brushing of my teeth makes me vomit also. Grrrr!!!!
Im just wondering If I am going to be one of the unlucky ones this time around to experience this whole pregnancy??
I wish you all the best ..

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