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I belong to several freelance writing sites where companies/individuals post projects they have and then the writers bid for the projects. I was on one site a few days ago and there was a posting that read something along the lines of:

Need eulogy written for person that just died. Have to deliver by Saturday. Budget $100.

Ok, this is wrong on SO MANY different levels. If you've been asked to deliver a eulogy, isn't it because it's someone that you supposedly

And, how am I supposed to write a eulogy that depicts a person's life THAT I DON'T KNOW, HAVE NEVER MET, and DON'T CARE ABOUT. Seems to me the guy would have a better chance of just winging it after a couple of Buds.


I can't say that I didn't momentarily consider submitting something to this guy just to teach him a lesson (OK, really, just to amuse myself...)

Addendum: This is just as wrong as the person who posted the project!