Ok, so I didn't see the MTV Video Music Awards last night (I was probably too busy watching reruns of Dog the Bounty Hunter or something), but I did hear all the Britney backlash this morning on talk radio. Honestly? I really don't care if she sucked (or didn't suck). But all I kept hearing were words like bloated, out of shape, and disgusting. So, of course, I had to GOOGLE pics this morning. All I have to say is if this is what we consider bloated, out of shape, and disgusting in a woman who has had two children(!) then we - our women and young women - are in deeper trouble than I thought.

I won't get on a soapbox about when it became disgusting for women to be curvy (again). I'll just simply say - Shame on us.

(I'll take this bloated, out of shape, and disgusting body any day...)

Addendum: Cute boots. (I said, BOOTS you pervs...)


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