This is for you, my Canadian friends:

Dollar briefly hits parity, highest level since '76.

Addendum: Interesting Canadian comment on the story:
If our dollar is now worth the same as the US dollar, why does it cost $5,000 more for a car, 25% more for books and 25% more for gas?Only a sucker will buy anything in Canada. It is time to get the prices in Canada down to parity with the US. -Brian

My comment? BUY YOUR BOOKS IN THE U.S.!!

(this addendum brought to you by the Totally Self-Serving Committee)


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 8:47 AM

Oh ya, we're dancing in the streets -- but just briefly because then we have to hop into our overpriced vehicles and make a mad dash over the border to buy stuff. The weekend papers were full of all the great bargoons we could get in the U. S. of A. Very soon your fabulous American cash register will be stuffed to overflowing with multi-coloured Canadian paper money and goofy Canadian coins -- oh wait -- you don't take our money. It's a good investment though because soon our dollar will soar to dizzying heights while yours plummets downwards into the toilet. Ha ha ha -- world domination is ours!! Sorry, this parity thing is a heady, heady drug.

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