I ran across an article about the Texas State Fair and all the fried food they sell there. Here's a sampling for your cholesterol-ridden arteries:

Deep Fried Oreos
Deep Fried Twinkies
Deep Fried Latte (yes, LATTE, as in COFFEE)
Fried Cookie Dough
Fried Guacamole Bites (blasphemy! BTW-Tomorrow, Sept. 15 is National Guacamole Day, you may want to try the Fried Gauc Bites as a tribute - I still say BLASPHEMY)
Peach Cobbler on a Stick
Fried Chili Frito Burrito
Fried Banana Pudding
Fried Sweet Potato Pie

And the latest and greatest? DEEP FRIED COKE
(as in cola for those drug addicts who read this site and are getting all excited but needed clarification)

What's next?!?

I'd keep an eye on the women and children in Texas if I were you.
A note to my husband: Be proud of your home state, baby, be proud!

(And, if they come up with deep fried bubble gum ice cream, I am SO THERE)
(And, seriously, you REALLY CAN find a video of ANYTHING YOU NEED on youtube...fascinating)


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 8:18 AM

Texas State Fair Cuisine is obviously one of those plague thingies sent by God to wipe out the population, except disguised as frylicious treats since us earthlings are now wise to the locusts, floods and brimstone type plagues and have found ways to combat them. On the other hand, nothing, but nothing will stop us from eating ourselves to death. Bon Appetite.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Wilson said... @ 8:25 AM

And I know FOR A FACT that Funnel Cakes & Elephant Ears were created by Satan himself (er, I mean, I've HEARD...)

Sunny said... @ 10:05 AM

Skip the hassle of eating and just deep fry your heart! I do love fried food though. Fried cheese, in particular, because 1 type of fat is not enough!! I think I'll take my soda and coffee without grease though...that's just...yuck.

Anonymous said... @ 7:20 PM

Texans will deep fry anything. I love your posting, but wish the U-tube video was still working.

If anyone is actually going to the Texas State Fair, we have compiled a list of things to catch here at http://www.dfwdriveyourdream.com/daily-news.php?id=17

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