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WritRams, or Writer Ramblings, (AKA Jacqueline Wilson) is a wife, mother, writer, educator and consultant.

She is this Jacqueline Wilson and not this Jacqueline Wilson.

Jacqueline is available for freelance writing and consulting work. She is a published author and has written a range of work from educational guides to marketing materials to web content to articles and columns.

She loves reading, writing, Food Network, the Travel Channel, HGTV and Diet Coke. She never turns down chips and salsa. She is a *closet* gamer and some-time reality TV show watcher. She loves all kinds of music, but can't sing to save...well anything.

(She also apparently likes speaking about herself in third person.)

Jackie is enjoying the SAHM/WAHM role more than she ever imagined after having her first biological child at almost 40. (*gasp*)

Jackie is a published author in the medical academic field. While she enjoys academia and business writing, her true writing passion lies in the fiction field. She is working on her first (almost completed) mystery novel set in New Orleans. She hopes it will be the first in a series.

Jackie is also working on a humorous memoir about her crazy life without a Barbie Cake (in the style of Celia Rivenbark, only less Southern and more neurotic).