Canadian customer (CC): Do you take Canadian money?
ME: No. But we'll happily take Mastercard or Visa.
CC: *huff* *sigh* *whew*grunt*
ME: *blink*blink*blink*
CC: I'm just getting one book then. I mean, IF I can find any US money in here.
CC: *huff*sigh*Digs around in purse *sigh*huff*
CC:*huff* I don't understand why you don't take our money. I mean, we take YOUR money over there. *sigh*grunt*
CC: You know, your money is only worth one penny to us right now anyway.
ME: That will be $2.47, U.S. *smile*

(yep, all that for a two dollar sale)


ME: Watches dirty, dingy van pull up full of dirty, dingy kids and dirty, dingy parents smoking. Watches dirty, dingy family come in the store, cringing at the thought that they are probably bringing dirty, dingy, smoke-filled books to trade in.

Dirty Dingy Family (DDF): How does this trade in thing work? I have two boxes of books in the car (insert dirty dingy books in dirty dingy car)
ME: You can trade in books for store credit and then you get to use half of your purchase price in credit.
DDF: OH. You don't just get to trade one for another book?!?!
ME: Uh, no.

DDF: OH. Let's go then. *huff*
DDF Kid: Mama, what's that SMELL in here?!?

(gee, I don't know, kid, it's probably something like, say, CLEANLINESS)


And it's only Tuesday.


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 1:25 PM

In defence of my fellow Canadians, you have no idea how exciting it is after lo, these past 20 or 30 years, that our money is actually worth almost the same as US money. We ALL want to run to the US to buy stuff with our funny, colourful bills and goofy coins because for years now we've had to humbly give you more change back than you spent when ya'll came up here to buy stuff. I have no defence for the smelly family, though. That's just gross and I absolutely think you have the right to refuse books that smell, because no one will want to buy them.

J. Wilson said... @ 1:35 PM

WHAT?!?! The bills are COLORFUL and the coins are GOOFY?!!? Now, if she had used that approach, I may have reconsidered.

And, BTW, I LOVE my Canadian customers, eh! (Which is a completely separate issue than us not taking Canadian money...)

URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 8:36 AM

Yes, our money causes a lot of glee and frivolity among our American visitors. "Is this stuff real?" "Looks like play money" "What's a loonie?" "How much is this $5 bill worth in real money?" "What's a toonie?"

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