I have...had...162 pages of emails, 529 unread emails.

162 PAGES.

I get anywhere from 200-400 emails a day. No, I'm not really popular (ok, I am, but not for that reason). I have 3 businesses that I juggle throughout each day. Here's the problem:

I have different websites and email addresses for each business. Because of the volume, I have them all funnel into 1 email account (my personal account) so that I can get immediate notifications and get an "overview" of everything that's going on at once. Sounds like a great idea, right? Not so much. In THEORY it's a good idea - especially if I would answer, file, and/or delete them as they come in/are taken care of. However, it rarely works this well. Most of the time, I am so busy at the store that I open the emails (not even all of them, as evidence by the 529 UNREAD emails), but I get distracted and sometimes it's days (or weeks) before I get back to the non-urgent ones.

Now all of you people that have been "yelling" at me for my lack of response to personal emails have an idea why. They've been lost in THE EMAIL ABYSS.

Yeah. Sucks to be me.


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