My 20th year high school reunion is this weekend.

20 years.

20 years since I've worried (or cared) about what people thought about me.
20 years since I've gotten hives about whose party I would or wouldn't be invited to.
20 years since I've had a BFF that changed daily depending on who you did (or didn't) tick off.
20 years since I've hated calculus class.
20 years since I've had square cafeteria pizza.
20 years since I've cried because my hair didn't look good enough to go to school that day.

20 years.

I've been perusing the reunion website (which was really interesting since I don't talk to anyone from high school any longer). However, I've been feeling kind of "down" after that. I'm not really sure why. Reminder of, gee, I don't know, MORTALITY?!?

So, am I going? No. I'm not going. There's too much going on in my life. Not only that, there was always so much, I don't know, judgement associated with high school. As we've gotten older, maybe it has changed. Maybe not. But, I really wasn't up for finding out.

Anyway, here's to you, TCHS class of 1987!
(and my husband wanted me to tell you: "I closed the door and got the prom queen impregnated!")


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 8:57 AM

You should go. I didn't want to go to mine for the same reason, but I ended up going anyway and I'm glad I did. Thoughts of high school and high school people make you feel funny because they bring to mind that teenager who you know but don't seem to have any connection with anymore. The feeling, I think, is grief, for that long lost teen -- the innocence, the intensity of being a teenager. Everything back then was so filled with emotion and drama and passion from your first love to your hair not doing what it should. The rest of your life (however great it may be) somehow pales in comparison to the powerful whirlwind of those days. The reunion brought it all back and we were all teenagers again for one long and wonderful night. A bunch of us (and not even people I hung out with in HS) stayed up until dawn talking and dancing and drinking (a bit). It was fabulous. Go.

Sunny said... @ 9:32 AM

I didn't go either. My 10 year reunion was in 2005, and I think I felt the same as you when I opened my invite. I didn't want to go and try to make my life sound more interesting than it really is. I certainly didn't want to go and feel like a 10th grader again. (If you asked me in 10th grade if I'd ever want to be 30, I'd have laughed in your face. Now, I'd rather be 60 than 16 again.)

Anonymous said... @ 1:54 PM

Go! Cow Palace is calling your name!

Jacqueline (Jackie) Wilson said... @ 1:58 PM

Oh, yeah, SURE! Use the Bubble Gum Ice Cream craving against me...

(or, was "Cow Palace" a fat pregnant joke?!?!)

Anonymous said... @ 11:02 PM

I didn't say a word about "pickles."

Anonymous said... @ 11:38 PM

Wow! I just found out that I work with one of your high school classmates! It really is a small world after all!

Jacqueline (Jackie) Wilson said... @ 4:21 PM



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