I get daily email pregnancy "tips" called The Kick. Today were tips about which salon/spa treatments are OK (and not OK) while you are pregnant. This was one of the tips:

Your hair may seem thicker than usual, so stay on top of your style with regular trims (think twice, though, about big changes while you’re PG—getting bangs won’t make your butt look any smaller).

Dang. I was really betting on that big bang-butt theory.


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 2:35 PM

As something of a non-sequitur, the maternity tent look of yesteryear also didn't fool anyone. I much prefer seeing the new belly-hugging maternity styles. I wish I'd thought of it when I was preggo, but I probably would have been stoned and pitchforked by the villagers

Michelle said... @ 3:32 PM

Darn. and someone just commenting on my growing butt this morning. (yes, I'm having vinnie and vito take care of that person as I speak) I was hoping a good bang-trimming would do the trick!

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