When you come into a small, independent business like, say, MY BOOKSTORE, and clog up my toilet, please at least have the decency to purchase something after.

It's the very least you can do.


Anonymous said... @ 6:22 AM

Jackie, that would make a great Public Service Announcement (PSA) for late-night cable television. If you get it televised, business owners around the nation will be bowing at your feet and singing your praises.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Wilson said... @ 8:37 AM

I'm only doing it as a PSA if I can get that annoying guy that screams at the top of his lungs about OXY CLEAN (or, maybe I can piggy bag it with the TOILET TUNES people...)

urban pedestrian said... @ 9:18 AM

I hope they're not taking reading material in there with them and then putting it back on the shelf. For me, one of the big selling points for buying a new book vs. getting it from the library is that I can be pretty sure it hasn't been touched by poop hands. (You might want to put that in your next ad)

Sunny said... @ 10:53 AM

I agree with the above commentor. You can use that as a big selling point- "Poop-free guarantee!!" It is why library books freak me out.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Wilson said... @ 11:38 AM

One word about them using my books as reading material:

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