Can someone PLEASE explain Gefilte fish to me?!?!

Because, like, fish in a jellied broth...EW. (Shouldn't it be GEL-filte fish, then?!?!)

Addendum: I must admit, I have a teeny tiny obsession with the G-fish. It comes up, on occasion, when I'm channeling...


Anonymous said... @ 11:10 PM

Tastes great on Garden Harvest Toasted Chips! Yum!!!

P.S. First, I went to the movies to escape commercials, only to be bombarded by BIGGER commercials. Now, commercials on your blog, my last sanctuary!! What is this world coming to??

Jacqueline (Jackie) Wilson said... @ 7:53 AM

You can get the Garden Harvest chips FREE to go with your Gefilte fish simply by clicking on the banner ad :o)

(Free meaning the Garden Harvest Toasted Chips, not the Gelfite fish. Well, I guess you could get Gefilte fish "free" if you steal it, but this blog certainly doesn't support that...)

AND, the "what's the world coming to?" is a heavy question to start out the day. I'll have to get back to you after I nourish myself with Garden Harvest chips (that I got for FREE just by clicking on the groovy banner ad on this site!)

Jacqueline (Jackie) Wilson said... @ 7:55 AM

(and you probably didn't vote for this site in the Blogger Choice Awards, either, did you?!?! HM...)

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