Here's my new blog rating as of today:


This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

cocaine (6x) crap (4x) poop (2x) crappy (1x

(Demise since last rating)

Come on, you're telling me that anyone under 17 hasn't heard cocaine, crap, poop, or crappy?!!?

What the...


MidlifeMutant said... @ 2:38 PM

I did one of those for my blog and got a PG rating.

J. Wilson said... @ 2:39 PM

Oh, sure. Rub it in...

Michelle said... @ 4:36 PM

Ooh . . . congratulations!!! :)

Yeah, lock up the kids for "crap." That was my kid's first "bad" word. I was actually pretty proud of myself, because it meant I was holding back. She could have said a lot worse.

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