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So, I'm in Miami a few months ago annoyed that I can't eat cocktail sauce with my shrimp (another posting). Anyway, I was innocently thumbing through the Miami Herald when a below-the-fold headline caught my eye:

Ma'am, is that a skull in your bag?

From the Herald:
"A Miramar woman was charged with smuggling a human head into the United States without the proper documentation. She said she wanted it for a Vodou ritual.

OK, in the opening paragraph alone there are so many questions - aside from the obvious, "What the hell are you doing with a human head in your bag?" There's also, "What exactly is the 'proper documentation' for bringing a human head into the States?" (You know, for future reference). And there's also the question of what to pack to wear with your severed head and does that "no white after Labor Day" rule still apply? There was another question for me - the Vodou thing. I admit, I had to look up Vodou -- I know voodoo and occasionally the Creole spelling voudou, but not Vodou. I digress...So here's the best part, this chick's last name? Severe

Get it? Sever...head....

Come on people, am I the only one that finds humor in these things?