It doesn't get much better than British television - for SO MANY REASONS - but especially for their apparent fascination for wankers weirdos freaks an interesting subculture of probably very nice people who live their lives with fake dolls.

I blogged about this previously in my Creepiest Thing Ever posting where people live with fake adult dolls as if they are real.
Read the posting.
And be very disturbed.

Now I find out (AGAIN from BBC)? People are living with FAKE BABIES and treating them like they're real. I'm pretty sure if they make fake babies that keep you up for 23.75 hours out of the day, poop a horrifying volume of green goo in a color not found on any artist's color palette, and projectile vomit like The Exorcist, it would cure any "need" these women have.


They are called "Reborn Dolls" (yeah, I know, right?) and there is really an entire subculture out there. This is creepy stuff (all the way down to the "reborn" name). Check it out:

Does anyone else feel like we are treading into some Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi territory? (And how creepy that they keep referring to them as "Reborns"?!?).


And people? It's way bigger then we can fathom. These FAKE BABY LOVERS (*no judgement*) have their own supply store. Hell, I can't even find the kind of organic baby food I want for a REAL BABY and these people have an entire website dedicated to their FAKE BABY?!?


Anyway, BBC is doing a documentary on it tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 1) at 10 p.m. (Eastern). Set your DVR/TiVo/Alarm Clock or whatever you need to do so that you don't miss this.

And then come back here.

'Cos you know I'll be blogging about it.

And there will be judgement.

I liked it so much better when cross-dressing and vampires and people who love Iggy Pop were the only subcultures.


Danko Ramone said... @ 1:17 AM

I like Iggy Pop alot. I never knew I was in a subculture, and an early one at that. Cool!

The doll loving people are very creepy. I also think that the Army's temporary dad cut-out, which was a life-sized cardboard figure of the family member that was away in the service, was incredibly creepy too.

WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 10:39 AM

When I wrote the Iggy Pop thing, I thought I was only talking about myself... (how many people does it take before it stops being a SUBculture and starts being a cultureculture?!?).

Boogsy*Baby said... @ 8:13 PM

CREEEEEPY that these women refer to them as BABIES!

I know about the whole "reborn" thing since I'm an ebayer that has some friends that use them as models for their baby clothing lines. I have actually thought of buying one myself to use as a model for the clothing I design! (STOP laughing at me already....)



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