A Tweeterussion (Twitter discussion) took place with @smashtransistor regarding the spelling of whiskey (yes, smashtransistor, it is with an "e". I mean, if it's that way on the Jack Daniels website it must be true). The discussion quickly deteriorated (on my part, not his) (of course) into What ever happened to Boone's Farm?!? So you know what I had to do (go to the Google, man, go to the Google).

Get this:
Apparently there is a Boone's Farm Fan Club. For those of you who don't know (and I can't imagine), Boone's Farm is (from that mecca of truth, Wikipedia): flavored wine or malt beverage product. It's popular with kids (pre-drinking age) because it is


The weird thing? It's only about 8% alcohol, but it can leave you with a wicked headache in the morning (*see koolaid guzzling). I mean, I've heard. *ahem* (Hey, I can afford REAL wine now...)

Anyway, the fan site is a hoot, but the best part? The testimonials. (Seriously, people are writing in about their Boone's Farm experiences). The "Featured Testimonial" was THE. ABSOLUTE. BEST.
From the site:

Boone's farm was the first thing I ever drank. I was 13 or 14. When my mom found me the next morning, my head was over the toilet because I was scared of chokin on my own puke.

Makin' mama proud little lady...makin' mama proud!

PS-According to the website, Boone's Farm merchandise is coming soon. OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be in time for Christmas. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF SANTA, PLEASE...


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