So, to insure that I'm not sticking to any goals right now (especially not #14 on my Goal List), I went to a local fast food drive-thru today that shall remain nameless but starts with an M and has a scary (maybe sexually-confused, not-that-there's-anything-wrong-with-that) clown for a mascot.

Look, it was 5 p.m., I had been cleaning all day WHILE entertaining a 7-month old and only had a granola bar? OK?!?!


I order a chicken sandwich meal. CHICKEN SANDWICH - no special orders. Just the regular #8 OFF THE MENU. I pull through and get the, "Would you mind pulling forward it's going to be a minute."


"Is that my soft drink right there? Can I at least have my soft drink while I wait?"

*total confusion (on her part, not mine)* Then? "OH yeah, sure."

"When you bring my food, can I have mayonnaise and some salt?"


As I pulled forward, I already knew my mistake. They usually can't even get the prepackaged condiments correct when I'm sitting there at the window. I knew I should've just made them pass those little nuggets through the window before I assumed the interminable hold position.

I pull forward and count not one, not two, not three, but seven...SEVEN...cars go through the window to pick up their orders while I wait.




Finally, the girl comes out. Before I even look in the bag I say, "Is there mayo and salt in here?" Of course there wasn't. As she turns to go back in, I check the bag and? NO FRENCH FRIES. JUST THE CHICKEN SANDWICH. At which time I yell after girlie, "WHERE ARE MY FRIES?!? YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING, RIGHT?!?"

Seriously, at what point does some level of quality assurance kick in? Some multitasking training may be in order here. I mean, walk AND look in the bag to check the order at the same time. You're the same kids I see texting, driving AND drinking your forties ALL AT THE SAME TIME on the weekend. How hard could it be to open the bag while you walk?!?

Don't mess with my fries.


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