So I have thick naturally curly hair. At one point, it was LOOOOONG thick curly hair. It only makes sense that I would birth a daughter with thick naturally curly hair, right?


Instead? I birthed a Swoopy. My daughter's hair is paper-thin...wispy, even. AND? It is only growing on the top. On one side more than the other, so that it "SWOOPS" over and up. I seriously nicknamed her Swoopy and we call her that. (Yeah, I know, she'll appreciate THAT when she's 13. Oh well, another reason to go on Oprah).

Pretty soon it will be a full-on Mohawk. And then? I will look like one of those weirdo parents who do asinine things to their infants. People already stop me on the street REGULARLY and ask how we get her hair like that. My newest answer?

"Lots and lots of AquaNet."
(Do they still make that stuff?!?)


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