In an effort to accomplish SOMETHING on my goal list (like #11), I went searching for some mommy-and-me-play-group thing to join.

I know, how soccer mom of me.

Actually? It has to do more with the fact that Ella's getting sick of me and I'm, well, running out of ways to entertain her. I see it in her face sometimes when she gives me that baby SIGH with "YOU AGAIN?!?! Seriously, we need to get more variety in our lives" look on her face.

So I ran across a pretty cool site online - Meetup.com. There are groups - or people waiting to join groups - for anything and everything. I mean ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I have a pretty open mind and try not to judge other people and their lifestyles (OK, I said TRY), but get a load of some of the things I ran across while browsing the groups:

  • Space Exploration? Yep, group for that.
  • Interested in Transhumanism (or, er, learning what it is)? Sure, group for that.
  • Pagen Parenting? Shudder, but yes, there's a group for you.
  • Still into Dungeons and Dragons? (I mean, who can believe?!?!) But, OK, sure, your group is waiting.
  • Interested in Cocktails? OF COURSE! I mean, yes there's a group. (And, it wasn't specific enough - is this about MAKING or CONSUMING?!? For fear of being put into the wrong group, I didn't join).
  • VAMPIRES?!? There is a group for VAMPIRES.
So did I find a mommy group? Well, I tried. There was a group called "HIP MOMS". I consider myself semi-hip, so I go to the description only to find? Apparently they aren't interested in someone with my advanced maternal age because "...moms 20 to 30 years just seem to work best."

Uh. OK...

I "applied" to another area group with more relaxed standards, but didn't hear back. Maybe it's because of my Swoopy Mowhawk Kid in the picture I posted?!? I mean SERIOUSLY, people who think they are VAMPIRES can have a group, but I can't even get an email back to be invited into the MOMMY GROUP?

My life sucks way more than I thought.


Michelle said... @ 3:05 PM

I didn't make it in any Hip Moms groups here. Check if there's a MOM's Club chapter in your area. I like the one we have locally, but it always depends on the group of people running the show.

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