When I first saw the headline Body Found in Suitcase, it made me chuckle. Not because death is funny. Nor are suitcases funny. Generally speaking, neither are bodies in suitcases, but it reminded me of a weird story I read (and then subsequently blogged) about when I was in Miami a couple of years ago.

Anyway, turns out, this story really isn't funny. The story relays how they think this grandfather killed his granddaughter and put her in this suitcase. Sad. Very sad. More than sad - tears at my heart in places that I thought were dead (or nonexistent). But that's not really what this blog posting is about. What it is about is the horribly written article. I've read it several times and I'm still confused. Here are the paragraphs that are confusing:

The girl's parents lived together in France, where Rose was born. But when the couple went to meet Pizem's father in Israel, Renault fell in love with the grandfather.

Pizem went back to France and took the girl with him, but Renault said she suspected he abused her and brought her back to Israel, where she bore two daughters with Ron.

Uh. HUH?!?

Bear with me while I work this out:
Rose=the poor little deceased girl

Marie-Charlotte Renault=Rose's mom
Benjamin Pizem=Rose's Dad
Roni Ron *cough*stripper name*cough*=Rose's Grandfather & Benjamin Pizem's Father

So, here's my confusion from the paragraphs above:
1. Did the mom fall in love with her husband's father or her husband's grandfather?
2. Who did the mom suspect was abused?
3. Who "bore" two daughters with the grandfather? The little girl or Renault (the mom)?

Here's a little tip for Ian Deitch (the journalist):
Dude, next time either a) Use less pronouns, b) Provide the genealogy tree, or c) have someone else translate the article into English. (or D-ALL OF THE ABOVE).

(Hey, they're just suggestions...)

Seriously, this is so why I just watch the Travel Channel and leave everything else alone...


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