Last night we drove by a beautiful park/campground on the water. As we passed all the RV's, I took note of all the "decorating" RV owners do when camping. It prompted me to start this conversation:

ME: "Did you see that ice cream cone light two of the RVs had hanging from their canopy?"

Him: "Uh. No."

ME: "Seriously? You didn't see them?"

Him: *sigh* "NO. Driving!"

ME: "Do you think the two ice cream cone RVs were together?"

Him: "Dunno."


ME: "Do you think there's, like, an RV decorating store or something?"


ME: "Or, do you think there's an RV class or caste system? Maybe some subculture that we aren't even aware of?!?"

ME: "What's the difference between class and caste, anyway? I always get those two mixed up..."

Him: *sigh*

Anyway, it started me thinkin'.

First let me say that I'm not making fun of RV-ers (or whatever they call themselves). Todd's grandparents traveled all over in an RV. They just stopped. And they are each 111 or something.

Heck, a few months ago I tried to get Todd to sell everything off, buy an RV and travel around the country doing, you know, good-for-something stuff. I could even home school Ella (when it gets to that point). But would it really be HOME schooling if you lived in an RV?

I digress...

So anyway, I guess I'm intrigued.

Is there an entire class system within the RV world? Like, the people who can afford the waterfront camping lots don't associate with the "people in the back"?

Or, do the number and types of lights you have decorating your RV canopy determine your place in the RV class system? What if you have no lights, OR *gasp* NO DECORATIONS. Are you shunned completely? Because I have to tell you, I wouldn't be part of the drag-all-the-crap-out-only-to-put-it-away-five-days-later group. I don't even unpack my suitcase when we are on vaca, for goodness sake. I would be in the shunned group, I guess.

By the way, there IS an RV decorating store (of course there is!), uh, there are LOTS of resources as it turns out. RVCrafts.com was my all time favorite website - who couldn't use some nifty RV-character placemats?!? But it was this site that made me realize, "Dang, people take their RV decorating very, very seriously!"


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