Today, I receive this email from a recruiter:

I found your resume on the Web recently and think you'd be a great candidate for a Janitorial Cleaning Manager job we currently have available. Your credentials in management are what make you an ideal candidate for this opening.

Below is an outline of the opportunity. We'd like to invite you to apply today.

Janitorial Cleaning Manager Income growth opportunities Dedicated professionals with a history of successfully managing and assisting companies are preferred. To learn more about the job or to apply, please click on the link below.

The above was sent to my professional writing and consulting website email address. This says one of several things. Either:
1. Their database search is set really, really wide.
2. They are really, really hard up for Janitorial Cleaning Managers.
3. I seriously have not accomplished as much as I thought at this point in my career.

Look, I'm not knocking it, but like Andrew, I'm just not interested in the custodial arts. I'm confused how a published academic author, college instructor, healthcare consultant and owner of three completely unrelated businesses (to each other, let alone the janitorial services) feeds into the random search for this position.

Huh. Go figure.

Now that I think of it, I could use the money. Do you think I would have to wear those zip-up coverall thingies?!?

And, if so, do they come in pink? (And, does a Black Prada Backpack Purse go with?)


Stacy said... @ 9:31 PM

Gee, usually all I get is people calling me & asking if I'm interested in being a financial planner or something else to do with numbers.

My answer, "If you really did see my résumé online and even read it, you'd see that I was a liberal arts major. THERE'S A REASON FOR THAT."

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