I hate those verify boxes. You know, the ones where you have to retype some group of characters to verify that you are not a robot but in fact are really some loser sitting at home with nothing else to do but post comments on some forum.

Yep. Those.

Most of the time they look like characters probably only found on the Arabic version of the keyboard. And? I RARELY type them back correctly (without 47 tries). I don't know if I need my eye site checked or if I just get all nervous from the anxiety hives that break out at the site of one of those boxes, but I NEVER. GET. THEM. RIGHT. This was one that I had to retype recently:

Your guess is as good as mine (and NO, I did NOT type it correctly). Seriously? What the hell is that at the end anyway? It was all fine and good until the last two letters.

In this day and age, there really must be a better way. I mean, how far out can the retinal scan in place of that Macintosh camera eye be anyway? If they can completely replace Tom Cruise's retinas in that one movie,it should be way easier to verify that I'm human.


Danko Ramone said... @ 11:01 PM

I actually read something about this somewhere. Apparently in some cases, the captcha thingy is taken from ancient texts being translated. Essentially, the "success rate" of copying those things is determined by whether or not you type the "average guess" as to what in blazes they say.

WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 10:18 AM

Wonder how they determine the "average guess"?!? Do you think it has something to do with mathematical equations and an Abacus, or more like one of those "Hey can you spare a moment" mall interviews? (OR, maybe those characters we see at the eye doctor are really those stupid verify tests. I smell conspiracy...)

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