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ONwebCHECK said... @ 7:54 AM

Very nice picture you have here - Hapy WW! Wish you a nice Halloween :)

lisa said... @ 7:59 AM

Great photo!

Happy WW!

Laurel Wreath said... @ 8:07 AM

Great pictures. Happy Halloween.

June said... @ 8:19 AM

Nice shot. Happy Halloween!

Lynn / vigilant20 said... @ 8:49 AM

Love how the leaves add an extra splash of color. Happy WW!

kml said... @ 8:57 AM

Great carved pumpkins!

Happy WW!

Chris in Oxford said... @ 9:07 AM

That's a welcoming Halloween scene. I'd come trick or treating there. Happy WW!

Mama Luxe said... @ 9:09 AM

"Puns are lazy writing"

Sorry, don't know if you are a Simpsons fan ;)

Great shot and caption. Happy WW!

pips said... @ 9:12 AM

Happy Halloween! Have a nice day.

KC said... @ 9:57 AM

very nice
Happy WW and Happy Halloween

Midas said... @ 10:02 AM

Nice picture. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy Carlson said... @ 12:24 PM

These are beautiful. Hope you have a fun holiday!

ZAM said... @ 1:09 PM

Happy Halloween!

MizMell said... @ 1:24 PM

Nice pumpkins...
Check out today's post for a holiday-appropriate video you'll want to share with your friends.

Sherrie said... @ 1:59 PM

Very nice! Im in Germany so no Halloween for me!

Anonymous said... @ 4:25 PM

Great! I don't have a real pumpkin lantern this year.

Moose in the Kitchen said... @ 6:01 PM

Ah, the seasonal overabundance of squash. I so enjoy it. We have approximately ten pumpkins floating around the house right now. (Not literally floating. They're rather stationary, in fact. But you take my point.)

delilah said... @ 5:33 AM

Very cool pumpkins. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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