So my husband and I stopped by a STAPLES office store to buy printer ink (*yawn* I know...)
We were having some sarcastic exchange (as is normal for us), when I rebut with, "Oh yeah, I got something for you right here, buddy..." at which time I pick up the infamous STAPLES EASY BUTTON and I click it in his face. OUT OF NOWHERE, I hear this voice behind me, "Are you finding everything you need?" After squealing, peeing a little, and then regaining consciousness, I turn around to see a creepy Staples employee standing right behind me. After he walked away, my husband rolled his eyes and said, "You know they lurk around all day just waiting for people to push those buttons..."

Maybe the creepy lurking STAPLES employees need a little more work to keep them busy, ya think?!?


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 9:45 AM

I'm awed and speechless. You actually found someone in Staples who wanted to help you find something. I'm gettin' me one of them buttons and I'm going to take it everywhere and see if it works outside of Staples -- Sears (where they apparantly have NO floor staff), the grocery store so I can get the guy to go to the back room and get me FRESH produce, standing in lines in government offices, maybe even waiting on hold on the phone -- ya think??

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