What has happened to me? I have gone from being one of the most organized, motivated, hard-working people that I know to, well, a complete slug. Seriously. I've become, dare I say? LAZY.


My life is completely out of control.
Let me break it down for you:

My house is a mess.
And, I don't mean, I have another load of laundry to do, darn the luck! I mean, 3 more animals growing from the animal hair in the hall, dishes in the sink (that can't seem to make it another 6 inches to the DISHWASHER), laundry sorted on the bedroom floor (but NOT washed), baby crap all around the house (and the baby's not even here), and well, do I really need to go on? I mean, for Christmas my husband, er SANTA, bought me the greatest thing - an iROBOT automatic vaccuum cleaner. Guess what? I'm too lazy right now to clean the filter so that it can vaccuum ON ITS OWN every morning. (But, DEAR SANTA: Please send me the iRobot Scooba this year. I've been a very, very good girl...) Believe me, I would love to blame the Ultimate Deniator for all of this, but honestly? He's a pretty neat guy that helps out around the house. (And, by neat I don't mean groovey. I mean picks up his crap). Darn the inability to blame someone luck. *sigh*

The booksore is a mess.
I can't seem to keep up with anything at the bookstore. Just this morning I had to scale the mountain of books in the back storage room to get to the filing cabinet that holds the printer ink only to find that we were out of ink. Convenient. Our usually neat, quaint little store is a total wreck. (A good indication is when your regular customers start saying, "Do you want me to stay an help you get all of these books put away?!?")
I really need some employees.

My other businesses are a mess.
With only a few months to go before a little person consumes my entire life for the next 18+ years, you would think I would be using every waking moment to get my three businesses in order, right? HM. My freelance writing has slowed to a trickle - unfortunately - this would be the time when EXTRA MONEY could really come in handy! And my trendy tee biz? Basically runs itself (thank goodness). However, I have mountains of reseller forms - yep, people who want to carry my tees in their trendy boutiques all across the nation. Think I've jumped on this chance to basically earn money for doing NOTHING? Just putting my products in stores so that more people can buy them. Sounds easy, ya think? HM.

Anyway, I thought this was supposed to be the time in my pregnancy when that good ole nesting instinct kicks in and I want to get everything organized? Instead, nothing. Nada. No can do. Shocking that my pregnancy would have the EXACT OPPOSITE EFFECT then everyone else.

Dear God, please send me a personal assistant.
And a million dollars.
Oh, and a iRobot Scooba.
I mean, if it's not too much to ask.

(BTW-I'm blaming Michelle for making me feel completely and adequately unorganized. Hey, I had to find some scapegoat...)


Michelle said... @ 9:24 AM



I felt the same way with my first. No nesting whatsoever. But I was working 10-12 hr days and not at home with my 4-yr old staring all day at the things I STILL haven't done.

My Roomba DIED!!! I just don't know how my life can go on this way without it. Send Santa to my house too. Put in a good word for me, because I haven't been quite so good.

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