Last week we had a Level II Ultrasound. You know, because of my "advanced maternal age". (The doctor tried to get away with writing REASON: AMA on the form, but I quickly pointed out that she wasn't fooling me with medical jargon. I mean, I DID used to teach college medical terminology and I know for a fact that the loose Latin translation of AMA is "Bitch Too Old To Be Havin' a Baby").

Everyone was very excited about the ultrasound. Well, everyone except me. Is it me, or does everyone forget that the entire point of a test like this is to determine birth defects/problems and NOT just to find out the sex of the baby?!? Turns out, everyone DOES forget this.
Except me.

Weeks prior to the exam, I had (kind of) joked that we wouldn't be able to find out the sex at this exam. I mean, it is MY baby and to say that there is a serious stubborn streak in our family would be more than an understatement. Why should the baby cooperate? I wouldn't if I were her. I mean, who are all those people pokin' around and stuff? (Yes, I said HER because I've "felt" from day 1 that it was a girl).

Fast forward to the exam:
Everything was FINE. No sign of birth defects, etc. etc. Except that the tech couldn't get all of the views of things like the heart that she needed because - SHOCK OF ALL SHOCKS - the baby wouldn't cooperate. HM. Imagine. In fact, she just wanted to sleep. On her face. The entire time. (Um, the baby, not the tech).

At one point the tech says, "I have my suspicion about the sex. Want to know?" My husband quickly piped up and said, "Extremely lacking lately?" before he realized what she meant. (OK, he didn't really. But I KNOW he was thinking it...) When the tech said, "I think it's a girl, but of course it's hard to tell when she won't turn so I'm not 100%" we responded with an excited new parent reaction of...DEAD SILENCE. The tech finally said, "OOOO. Dead silence..." I had to 'splain to her that we just weren't shocked (since I've been saying it's a girl all along). After two tries with the tech, many different positions (from me NOT the baby) and then a "break" (which consisted of my husband relaxing in the chair while I was to walk and jump around to try and get the baby to move), the doctor also tried to get the remaining ultrasound views.


However, he also said he thought it was a girl, but he wasn't 100% sure. How frustrating...

On a last interesting note, we received word that "Either you're having a really big baby, or you are really 2 weeks further along than we thought." To which I replied, looking lovingly at my husband, "Well, babe, it looks like this kid really isn't yours..."


Michelle said... @ 8:12 AM

Glad everything's going well in there. Be VERY glad, as it looks like you may have a nice, calm, sleepy baby. Neither of my kids stayed still ever in utero, and if they were sleeping it's quite easy to just tap around and the little booger's wide awake again. I should have realized this was NOT a good sign. Ella never slept for more than 15-30 minutes at a time. I was hoping for the sleepy baby this time around, but, alas, it just doesn't seem meant to be.

Cara said... @ 1:53 PM

Glad to hear the US went well. I bet you are right in the babies sex. Mothers just know. I had a dream that my fist was a boy, and I was right. I just had the US confirm my intuition. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Qtpies7 said... @ 2:11 PM

LOL Thats funny! I have stubborn kids too. I was absolutely positive my 6th child was a boy. I have never been wrong about what I was having, and lets face it, my 6th pregnancy makes me an expert. So my doctor decided to prove me wrong and we bet on it. I would make his birthday cake if I was wrong and he'd buy me a cheesecake if I was right. He drug out the ultrasound machine right then and there. And all 6 ultrasounds through my pregnancy said I was having a girl. I never believed them, I KNEW it was a boy.
So, I cried for the 2 hours in recovery after I gave birth to a girl.
My doc loved his fancy-schmancy cake.

sarala said... @ 10:09 AM

Very funny. Now you know you are going to have a very stubborn girl with a 10% probability of actually having an even more stubborn boy.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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