When recently making a road trip with my husband, we were listening to talk radio. A woman was on the show who claimed that she was going to be engaged at age 42 with no current prospects when she made the claim. At the integral moment of finding out how/when “it” happened for her, my husband had to take a business call.

A very, long, boring business call.

Post call, the following conversation ensued:

ME: You made us miss the woman who got engaged just because she claimed it.
Husband: She just found someone, sunk her talons in, and wouldn’t let go until he was forced to propose or die.
ME: Huh. Guess we didn’t miss anything.
Husband: This only proves one thing, you know.
ME: What’s that?
H: Women control the world.
ME: HM. You’ve been confused about that before?
H: Of course not. Women own all the vaginas.
ME: You think that’s it, huh?
H: Of course.
ME: Well, you CAN buy vaginas now, you know.
H: Ohhh, but if a man is paying for it, women are still in control.
ME: Hm.


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