I had a sad realization today.
I'm starting to waddle.

Need I say more?

(and is this I have your pelvic bone in a vice grip and I'm opening it wide enough to crack feeling normal?!?!)


Michelle said... @ 4:50 PM

Oh, I started waddling far too early this time around. And the pelvic pain? Didn't have it with the first, but it started around oh 20wks or so with this one. The ob smiled and told me it would only get worse as the baby got heavier. Advice: warm baths and DO NOT put your pants on one leg at a time. Standing on one leg (the left in particular) puts me back on bedrest for days to relieve the pain. *sigh*
Here's to hoping yours is temporary.

URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 8:08 AM

Hey if you think your pelvis feels like it's cracking now, wait until that kiddie starts squeezing its big old head through there to get out. Then you really feel like you're about to be bisected.

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