So I'm not providing breaking news when I blog that Brad and Angelina have moved into a new pad in New York.

For $100,000/month.

And they can't even wear what they want.

Honestly, I don't care where they live (I barely care about them at all), but I did find this New York Post reporting interesting:

The snooty Towers, which sits next to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, has a "dress attire" that forbids guests to wear "T-shirts, tank tops, faded jeans, cut-offs and casual hats" in its main lobby, restaurants or other public areas.

I'm sorry, but if I were someone like a Brad and Angelina paying $100K/month to live somewhere, I would wear whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
And that might just include pasties and hot pink latex panties while flitting about the lobby sing-songing, "LA LA LA LA...I'm Brad Pitt, what are you going to do?!?"
(You didn't think the *new and improved* Angelina would be caught dead in hot pink latex, did you?!?)

HM. Things are becoming increasingly clear why I'm not a celebrity.


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 3:19 PM

What? Is this like one of those ghetto things where if you're wearing the wrong colour or something you get knifed? So, if Brad & Ange show up in t-shirts a gang of dudes in tuxedos and gold lame are going to swarm them and kick them to death with their freshly buffed Jimmy Choos?

Gigi said... @ 11:29 AM

Came over to see your WW and ended up laughing my ass off at this post! O man the image!

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