I did it.
I did the thing that everyone and the pregnancy literature warns you against.
I made a major change with my hair style while pregnant.

(please insert gasps of shocks here)

I went from long, thick, middle-of-my back hair to Victoria "Posh" Beckham style reverse bob. (OK, maybe not quite THAT short, but pretty close).

And, get this, INCLUDING the never-get-while-you're-pregnant BANGS! *gasp*

It's cute. So far, so good.
And, it looks really cute with the newsboy hat that I got to buy while I was out of town this week.

But "they" were right, it really doesn't make my butt look smaller (or my nice double chin for that matter).
It made Victoria Beckham look like she weighs 98 pounds...

C'est la vie.


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 10:04 AM

Man, how much longer are you going to milk this pregnancy bit? Seems like it's been going on for years now and usually this "i'm so fat 'cause I'm pregnant..."i'm so tired 'cause I'm pregnant..."I want ice cream 'cause I'm pregnant" schtick is only good for a few months - 9 tops. So, are you going to post a snap of you and the new doo, complete with hat, butt and bump?

Michelle said... @ 2:54 PM

Well, now we need pictures!!! Especially since I was JUST thinking I needed to cut my hair and dye it red while my husband is out of town.

J. Wilson said... @ 5:46 PM

OOOOoooh. I'm thinkin' I can milk this "kid thing" for another, hmmm, 18 years...

I'll have to get pics of my new 'do and maybe the new 'do with the new hat (if we can find an angle that my double chin doesn't overtake the pic).

DEFINITELY NO BIG ASS SHOTS THOUGH (are you TRYING to make me cry?!?!)

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