I swear, I think that my husband's brain cells are shrinking proportionally with the increasing size of my pregnancy belly.

Case(s) in point:

CASE #1: While shopping several weekends ago, we were looking through maternity clothes when I spotted some cute, trendy cropped sweat-type pants (of which I already have a black pair and they are SO COMFY right now). Hubby sighs and disappointingly says, "OH. I was hoping that you wouldn't notice that they have different colors of them."

CASE #2: Upon awakening a few mornings ago (which seems to be hubby's favorite time for shenanigans), he shakes my belly while booming, "HO! HO! HO!" I just give him the look and calmly say, "Don't ever do they again." To which he replies sheepishly?
"Oh, well, maybe one more time Christmas morning."

CASE #3: During the Mandarin dress pre-party meltdown, he so helpfully reacts to the dress by saying, "EW. No. That dress is SO NOT you..."

If there is EVER a time for a husband to lie to his wife, I'm convinced it's during pregnancy.


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