A BIG CREEPY MAN (BCM) was just in the store. And, I emphasize BIG MAN (big enough and strange enough for me to actually consider that if he wanted to build a sacrificial alter in my back room with me as the offering that I would probably lose).

Strange Occurrence #1: Deep throaty pscyhotic laughter coming from back, non-fiction room. Creepy enough that I was afraid to go back there and see what it was all about. Finally, my curiosity got the best of me:

BCM: You know, looking at the self-help section, I just realized that it's all a crock. All of the people with the highest self esteem are the psychopaths and serial killers.
ME: HM. Never quite thought of it that way.

Strange Occurence #2: BCM comes to the front of the store.
BCM: You know, I was just wondering if Barbara Bush ever considered aborting George and if she's sad that she didn't follow through with it.
ME: HM. I certainly hope not. I wouldn't want anyone to abort anyone else.



Strange Occurence #3: BCM looking at our flyers for our Halloween Party.
BCM: So, are you celebrating the traditional Halloween here?
ME: HM. What do you mean?
BCM: You know, celebrate the season of darkness and cold with hollowed-out, lighted pumpkin heads guiding the way from house to house as you ask for fat for the feasts of the spirits.
ME: *blink*blink*blink*
ME: Er, was there a question in there somewhere?!?

The freaks come out this time of year, they surely do...


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 7:42 AM

You're making this up, right? Practicing your fiction on us, ya? Because if not, I'd be really scared of this guy. He's either seriously whacked or he missed the lesson on appropriate conversational gambits with strangers.

Michelle said... @ 8:08 AM

Ew. And it's only Oct 1st? It sounds like a long month ahead.

J. Wilson said... @ 9:18 AM

True story. I couldn't make up crap this good.

And, FYI, I WAS scared...

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