Look, I'm all for breastfeeding, or not (NO JUDGEMENT!). Do what you want and what you think is best for you/your child. Doesn't matter to me. Personally, I'm going to TRY breastfeeding. (Emphasis on try since I've heard some horror stories...). If it doesn't seem to work, resulting only in stress to me and the baby at every feeding with mutual frustration and disharmony in the land of bubble gum ice cream and rainbows, then I will bottle feed (NO JUDGEMENT!). Anyway, as I was looking through the comments/ratings of various breast pumps prior to purchasing, I stumbled upon this comment:

My Girlfriend and I decided to buy this pump and split the price in half. She used it for about 3 months 5 times daily. Then she passed it on to me. I'm still currently using it and it's been 6 months using twice to three times daily. I love this pump. It has a good suction. The black tote come in handy when you have to travel or return to work. I read other reviews that mentioned about motor went bad after a few months of use. But it's been almost 9 months for me and it's still going. Very recommend for first time mom.

Uh, HUH!??!
(Honestly, when I first started reading I assumed that a guy was writing the comment, NOT A REAL GIRL FRIEND!).

There's something about having my breast suctioning at the same place that my girlfriend's breast was suctioning that I find well, just, OOOKEY. I mean, I LOVE my girlfriends, but I just don't want to LOOOOOVE my girlfriends. (NO JUDGEMENT!)


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 9:53 AM

Okay, so you'll actually eat stuff that was made from stuff that came out of a cow's teat and mixed with lots of sugar and chunks of gum, but you're squeamish about using a breast pump that another woman, your friend, used and presumably cleaned and disinfected? NO JUDGEMENT, but I gotta tell you hospitals and doctors have baby-related stuff like breast pumps and a whole whack of gynecological equipment that have been used by/on/in other women which may or may not eventually be used by/on/in you.

J. Wilson said... @ 10:41 AM

LMAO!! Touche!

But, hey, a girl has to have SOME STANDARDS, OK?!?!

Michelle said... @ 5:13 PM


I have the same issue. And you wouldn't believe how many people will come up and offer to let you borrow their breast pump. I just can't get past the image of the darn thing on their boobs. Not very conducive to relaxing so you can milk yourself. So, I'm spending money unnecessarily, but I won't have visions of my friends breasts on a daily basis.

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