Over the weekend, hubby and I visited a well-known home store to buy some trash cans for home (I KNOW, who can believe how we live it up on weekends! WOOHOO!). As we were standing in line to check out, there was a family waiting behind us.

Hubby: These are HUGE trashcans. These should work really well.
ME: Opening and shutting the lid. Yeah, we should be able to fit AT LEAST two dead bodies in each of these.
Hubby: (without missing a beat) And we won't even need to cut them up. They should fold up nice and neat in these.

The family behind us? Moved to the next lane.

And that, people? That's how it's done...


Michelle said... @ 4:32 PM

Oh yeah! I love that. Hey, that's an important skill you'll need later to scare the crap out of your own kids.

Misster Kitty said... @ 11:45 AM


Do you mind if I use this myself?

J. Wilson said... @ 1:18 PM

Permission granted - Only if you promise to appropriately horrify families around you.


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