OK. I've heard of this before, but they were talking about it on the news again a couple of nights ago so I have to address it.

Women are selling their breast milk.

Apparently, there are breast milk fetishes (Feti?) - men who buy breast milk to drink (and do goodness only knows what else) because they, get this, get off on it.

I mean EW.
And some of these moms sell it to the men knowing what they are probably going to do with it.

According to the article, "Corral’s best customers so far are a mother who is unable to breastfeed and a man who enjoys drinking breast milk. She doesn’t mind selling to men and chose the online nickname of “hot mama milk” to attract attention. 'I think it’s gross,' she said about men who drink her breast milk, 'but if they enjoy it, fine.' ”

Double EW. (HELLLLOOO.."hot mama milk" - you perv)

I don't even like using my husband's towel.
And we all know how I feel about using someone else's breast pump.

OK, whatever, but what about those moms that buy it to FEED IT TO THEIR BABIES?!? HELLLLOOOO...how do you know the person's health? Or drug habits? Or, what the person has been eating? Or, or, or...

*passes out*

Anyway, according to the article:
"Buying breast milk online--especially to give to babies--can be dangerous. Mary Rose Tully, who works for the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, said two to three women a week call her to ask whether it is safe to buy milk online. She tells them not to do it. Human milk can transmit all sorts of diseases, including HIV."

Well DUH.
Are these the same parents who leave their kids in a car with the windows rolled up on a 98-degree day? Or, the ones who stuff their 10-month old in a play yard to hang themself on the strap?!?

I'm all for creative entrepreneurship, but HELLOOOO MCFLY! ANYONE HOME?!?
What's next? Breast Milk Bars on every corner right next to the Oxygen Bars & Hookah Lounges?!?!

Ugh. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be part of the human race...


Michelle said... @ 9:36 AM

Uh . . . ew.

And we've already had the whole "sharing a pump discussion. I mean, I know people used to let other mothers breastfeed their kids and MAYBE I can see getting it from someone you know if you can't breastfeed and really want to. But buying on the internet? Seriously???

Just. Ew.

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