Earlier this week, I happened across a $50 Bloomingdales gift card that Santa brought me last year. A $50 gift card from any other store is pretty good. As you can imagine, not from Bloomingdales. Over the past year, I've been online many times trying to find something to buy with my FIFTY DOLLARS. Sadly, nothing. Even in the "Clearance Section" *ahem* the prices are ridiculous.

For example, THESE are WAY CUTE. But CLEARANCED for $319.99, I don't think so...

(BTW...there was a time when life was full of rainbows and cotton candy and money that I would've purchased those and not thought twice about it. But now is a time when I own my own business where I don't draw a salary and wonder how long I can actually make only 2 pairs of maternity pants last...but that's for another blog).

Anyway, I thought "OOOHH...I'll buy some BABY STUFF."

Here are some things that I CAN buy with my $50 Bloomies gift card (not including SHIPPING).

3 Juicy Couture Baby Girl Bibs: $50

Burberry Fleece Pants (Just the PANTS mind you): $46

UGG Suede Baby Boots: $50

(And I SO have to confess, if it were back in the Rainbows and Cotton Candy Money Days, I would SO BUY THESE. HMMM...I still might...How long does it stay cold here in March?!?!)

Here are some things that I CANNOT buy at Bloomies with my $50 gift card:

A Ruffled Onesie (because, uh, EVERYONE needs a ruffled onsie for a vomiting crapping NEWBORN?!?): $62
Burberry Infant Dress: $102

Burberry Stroller: $695


Juicy Couture Onesie at Bloomies: $48

Burberry Infant Dress at Bloomies: $102

Burberry Stroller at Bloomies: $695

Feeling crappy that you gave up your Assistant Dean College Position, sunk all your money into a business, and now can't afford to buy your new baby cool stuff: PRICELESS

(BTW, "baby bags" are NOT what you would think at Bloomies. I wonder if I can purchase one of their "Brown Bag" shopping bags for $50 to use as a diaper bag since I can't afford to buy anything that goes in the shopping bag you usually get for FREE?!?!)

Addendum: CONFESSION! I, er, spent my $50 on the pink UGG baby boots for (get this) the following Christmas after she's born! (Not this Christmas mind you). Hey, they were TOO CUTE and UGG boots for $7.95 (what I paid for shipping) -- NO BRAINER! (SHUT UP)


Michelle said... @ 4:26 PM

Good choice! I was eying those boots myself. 3 bibs?!?!? OMG!

MidlifeMutant said... @ 8:31 AM

My granddaughter had a pair of Uggs, purchased by her Great Aunt at Bloomingdales. They were very cute and her mother got many compliments on them!!!

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