• Rascal Flats spends WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on hair products.
  • Daughtry's wife's non-pregnancy boobs put my ample pregnancy boobs to shame.
  • Carrie Underwood has turned into a total classy babe.
  • Black skater girl shoes still don't go with a silver sequined skirt *cough*Avril Lavigne*cough*
  • Maroon 5? Most. Boring. Stage Presence. EVER.
  • Janet Jackson and Ashanti may be the same person.
  • I still have no idea who the Jonas Brothers are (and, seriously, WHY?!?).
  • No way Rhianna was wearing underwear under that bootilicious dress.
  • Beyonce should NOT stand next to the 98 pound chick from Sugarland while performing in jeans. (And, HELLLOOO? Chick from Sugarland? Camel Toe? NEVER ATTRACTIVE).
  • Taye Diggs' scholarly look? H.O.T.

And the final thing I learned from the American Music Awards?

I still get bored enough to change it halfway through and start watching a movie I've seen a million times.


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