It happened.
Two things that I've prided myself on: 1) Never losing car keys, 2) Always knowing where my cell phone is.

ME: *frantic* Have you seen my car keys?
Todd: *stare of complete disbelief at the question*

Todd: Um...you had them last night when you were looking for your lost cell phone...
ME: *glare*
Todd: Um...didn't you start your car this morning to warm it up?
ME: Ohhh...uh...yeah. *ahem* I guess they're in my running car.
ME: Heh...heh...heh...

This just goes to prove that the baby is sucking ALL of my common sense AND intelligence. (I'm sorry, Paula, for all those times I made fun of you when you said this REALLY happens when you're pregnant...)


Bridge said... @ 12:19 PM

My husband lost his wallet this weekend... It must be the season.


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