• Your doctor doesn't think it's funny when you ask if a couple of Tequila shots before bed to help you sleep better will be OK.
  • Experienced moms laugh A LOT at first time pregnant women.
  • You will waddle (no matter how much you've said, "I will NOT waddle when I get bigger.")
  • Everyone is full of advice on things you already know, but no advice on things you really need help with.
  • You had no idea that heartburn this bad existed within the human body ON A DAILY, NON-STOP BASIS.
  • It's possible to not care about your weight gain for 2 entire years and then become freaky obsessed with gaining weight during pregnancy WHEN YOU SHOULD BE GAINING WEIGHT.
  • Rubber bands can be used creatively in a bunch of ways in your wardrobe.
  • When you want biscuits with grape jelly and butter, you will drag yourself out of bed at midnight to make them.
  • Your favorite food (Mexican food) now makes you throw up every time you eat it. Every time. Every. Single. Time.
  • You can't find the only ice cream you crave (BUBBLE GUM...*duh*) ANYWHERE, not even on the Internet.
  • It will only take your OB-GYN office 6 months to FINALLY figure out you're pregnant.
  • People are much nicer and give you cool free stuff (why didn't I think of this sooner?!?)
  • When weepy pregnancy hormones make you cry at the TOE PICK movie you've seen 172 times, your friends will laugh at you.
  • Your husband can't say "LOOK HOW BIG YOUR BOOBS ARE!" enough.
  • Pregnancy only magnifies your TRUE personality (which means I'm in deep doodoo).
  • You can fall into a dead sleep sitting up on the couch, but be wide awake for hours when you go to bed.
  • You have a brand new appreciation for mundane things you took for granted before (like breathing and bending over...)
  • You wonder if anyone else cares about your pregnancy but you and your husband.
  • Not EVERYONE gets the nesting instinct.
  • If you throw up a little bit in your mouth while you're sleeping, you will wake up (thank goodness!)
  • You will never sleep a full night again. EVER.

And the last thing I've learned after 6 months of pregnancy?
You still crave Margaritas (and those people who told you that you won't want alcohol are liars. Or haters. Or both.).


Michelle said... @ 8:56 AM

Man, I almost tackled a waiter with a tray of margaritas the other day. My husband could apparently read my mind, because he just glared at me and shook his head.

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