Is anyone else annoyed by the new JC Penney Breakfast Club commercial? It's targeted for kids who are, what, 16? Let's do some math, shall we?

The Breakfast Club came out in 1985. Kids who are 16 today (and ready to buy all those groovy Jacques Penne' school clothes) would've been born in 1992 and would've missed the whole Breakfast Club era.

That was MY era.

MY movie.

I WAS Breakfast Club.

Get your own era and stop trying to market MY era to MY kids.

Damn, don't dis The Club...

(But I'm not bitter)
(I've let it go...)
(I'm SO OVER the whole, "Let's shut the door and get the prom queen impregnated" thing...)

Addendum: HM. Wonder why they left out the smoking-chicks-can't-hold-their-smoke scene?!?!

Editorial Note: I saw this comment on the commercial listed on YouTube and must say I totally concur about the cutting thing:
kh2sora13: Okay i saw this at the movies, then i was like "OH GOD A BREAKFAST CLUB REMAKE" then i saw the jcpenny ad then i was like "thank god" i would seriously cut myself if they made this into a remake. but i respect them for making it a commercial though! hee hee


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