Today, I did the mundane task of buying a diet coke and some other items from a convenience store gas station. As I waited for the cashier to bag my items, I took the time to put the change into my change purse and re-snap my purse. The big brute with tattoos behind me says, "Don't worry. We ain't in a hurry or nuthin'" (in grammatically-correct regional speak). I say, "Um. I'm waiting for the cashier to bag my items, but you have a nice day, now." I flash him a brilliant smile on the way out.

As I was backing up, he and his wife were getting into?

(Oh, the joy of payback).

So, I say?
"NICE MINI VAN!" as I drive away in my sporty convertible...

...with the baby's puffy monkey mirror attached to the headrest in the back.


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