I've found my new sex manual.

(I mean, not that I was looking for a new sex manual or anything.)

(Or any sex manual for that matter...)

While doing covert ops a few days ago (AKA: getting a coffee at a big box bookstore...shhhhhhh...), I found the perfect book. I wanted to get it for either our friend Dennis or Phil (maybe both) for Christmas, but Todd didn't seem that keen. (Sorry guys...)

The Llama Sutra: Getting Wild in the Wild Kingdom

I mean, seriously, who ever gets tired of looking at animals having sex?!? Especially when they have captions like (for the lady bugs) "Does this make us lesbians?" and (for the bears) "All this for a salmon dinner? What a slut I am". I mean really, can you think of a better gift than this?

Me either.


Dennis said... @ 9:02 AM

Did you see the back cover?

BTW, Todd is a fun sucker.


Jackie said... @ 7:58 PM

@ Dennis:
Yeah, you can yell at Todd when you get a bag of Starbucks coffee instead...

Leann I Am said... @ 7:17 PM

Now I SO want that book!

Dennis said... @ 12:29 PM

God, I _love_ starbucks coffee. NOT!!!!

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