My husband and I actually got away on a date last night (you know, the kind that didn't involve poop, puke, or the use of animated 'yummy-yummy for my tummy' every time someone took a bite of their dinner).

As we were walking through an upscale outdoor mall where we can no longer afford anything, we strolled past a children's play area. The mall was blaring the sound of children's laughter through outdoor speakers.

"It cracks me up that they are piping in children's laughter," said Todd (all goofy with grins).

"Whatever. Subliminal happiness. They are subconsciously trying to make us be happy so that we buy more. It sucks," I replied (in my usual sunshine-y-ness).

"Well. Don't you feel happier just hearing it?" Goofy Grins sentimentally piped up.

To which I replied?

"Shut up. This is why I never go out with you."


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