Ella is either:
1) Totally enthralled by the vacuum cleaner, or
2) Totally terrified.
You be the judge.
Whenever I get it out, she stops what she's doing and watches with a look of "I'm equally terrified and yet completely curious at the same time" look on her face. Something like this:

I'm pretty sure this is the conversation going on in her head:

MOM-MOM-MOM-MOM! Did you SEE this? Come 'ere. You GOTTA get a load of this...

Did you HEAR the noise coming outta this thing? What the...

Dude, seriously? If you don't take control of this situation, I'll be forced to.

OK. Just stand there.

On the count of three I'm goin' in.

Ready? One, two...

Wait, what comes after two?!?

I think it's interesting that she's frightened by it especially since "they" (you know, all the baby expert gods) say that if a newborn is upset try turning on a vacuum (or hairdryer) because SUPPOSEDLY they simulate the noises heard in the womb.

And my baby is terrified of this noise? Makes me wonder, "Damn, what kind of sucky womb did I have in the first place?"


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