Having a kid does wonders for your car communication. I bet our car communication has tripled, maybe even quadrupled, since we've had Ella and I now sit in the back with her while Todd drives.

B.E. (Before Ella), our car communication consisted of Todd rambling incessantly (sorry honey) while I semi-slept and interjected an occasional, "HM."
The conversational wonders that come from back to front (and vice versa).

Next time you go out, try sitting in the back while your other half drives. If you do, you may have the same kinds of riveting conversational experiences that Todd and I had on the way to lunch today:

RC1 (Riveting Conversation #1):
ME: Do you think this headband is cutting off Ella's circulation to her head and that's why she's sleeping so soundly?
Todd: Uh, no.
ME: How do you know?
Todd: I just do...
ME: Oh.


ME (reading a sign): WOW. Black light tattoos, that's weird. Wonder what that is? A tattoo that you only see when you are out in clubs...
Todd: Kinda cool.
ME: ...or when you are at people's houses with a black velvet Elvis?!!?


Todd: Do you think a tattoo on the top of your foot hurts?
ME: Not as much as getting one on your jugular.


ME (Between sneezes): Wondered what triggered my allergies?
Todd: Probably that skunk smell.
ME: Um...a dead skunk we passed 10 miles ago is just now triggering my allergies?
Todd: Yes.
ME: Huh. How's that?
Todd: Well, the smell gets into the membranes in your nostrils and then seeps into your bloodstream for a while, therefore not triggering a reaction until a little later.


ME: You know, your medical knowledge is astounding.
Todd: I know. I amaze even myself sometimes.


Todd: I think that was a stripper store back there.
ME: What makes you say that?
Todd: The girl going into the store looked like a stripper.


ME: UM...what's a stripper store, anyway?
Todd: You know, like naughty underwear and stripper clothing and stuff.
ME: Maybe we can stop there on the way back...
Todd: OK!
ME:...with the baby.
Todd: Oh...(disappointment)
ME: Hey, strippers have babies, too.
Todd: Yeah. That must be bad for their tips.
ME: I'm sorry, did you say tiPs?!?


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